A smartphone is a high-end mobile phone built on a mobile computing operating system (OS) with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a conventional feature phone.

What are Apps and how do I get them?

App is short for 'Application', these can range from games to utilities and unlock the full potential of your smartphone, every OS has their own app's store to download extra content normally located on the home screen.

My smartphone's battery doesn't last long...

Many smartphones contain a processor that is equal to the processing power of a small netbook (laptop), the battery life in comparison with a regular phone does differ.  On average smarphones will need charging once per day, there are ways to increase battery life by downloading battery saving applications or disabling some of your device's features not always used, i.e. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  Having multiple apps running in the background will also seriously diminish battery life, make sure to close them correctly or download an app to tell you.

Why does my smartphone crash?

Smartphones are now as powerful as a small netbook or laptop but have the added feature of being able to make calls and access the web while on the move.  The main difference between the two is that laptops get switched off at the end of the day giving the device a chance to clear any information saved in the RAM (memory).  Mobile devices on the other hand very rarely get powered off and over time bugs can develop in the RAM.  These bugs may get worse until the handset performs a power cycle.  Installed applications can also cause software glitches and as with laptops require investigation to determine the root cause.  Below are three very easy steps that will resolve most smartphone related issues:

restart, restore & update

  • restart - turn the phone off, remove the battery for 30 seconds and power back on.
  • restore - to factory settings where the operating system may have been affected (make sure to backup your personal data first).
  • update - the operating system software on your device to the latest version available from the manufacturer.

If you are still experiencing issues after following the above steps please feel free to drop by the Manx Telecom Strand Street shop and ask a device expert.

How do I keep my information safe?

Smartphones can view and store a huge amount of data ranging from contacts, apps, music, photos and more.  It's now more important than ever to back up this data and keep it safe.  This can be completed via the the smartphone's software or by one of the many cloud based internet data back up services developed for that particular OS.  For more information please refer to manufacturers' websites or ask one of our device experts at the Manx Telecom Strand Street shop.

How do I install settings for the Internet, MMS or setup e-mail on my smartphone?

To install Internet, MMS or E-mail settings please go to the Mobile Settings page.