SMS or Text messaging is a quick, convenient and discreet way to communicate with friends, colleagues or business contacts. A single page SMS can consist of a maximum of 160 characters however most mobile phones support multiple page sending. If you are sending more than one page of text (160 characters) then the mobile will be billed per page.

SMS Settings

SMS does not require set up on most phones. If your handset prompts you for settings then enter the following:

SMS Message Centre number: +447624499955
Reply via same Centre number: Off
Send messages as: SMS

Short Code SMS

Short Code SMS services are premium rate services and cost more than standard text rates.  Please refer to Mobile Services area of our website for a list of content providers and charges.

Having Difficulties with Short Code SMS

What happens if I run out of credit on my Pay As You Go mobile?

If your credit expires and there are short code SMS subscription messages waiting to come through, this may prevent delivery of other incoming SMS messages until credit has been added to your account and the short code subscription SMS has been received and debited from your account.

Cancelling a Premium Rate SMS Service

If you would like to unsubscribe from a premium rate message service then please check the content of the message for information about how to cancel further messages from being sent to your mobile. If this is not available then please reply to the message and text 'STOP’; this is an industry agreed command and the content provider should cease on receiving this instruction.

Complaints about Premium Rate SMS Services

Premium rate services including their promotion are supervised by PhonepayPlus. If you have a complaint about a premium rate service or its content then you should contact PhonepayPlus. You can find contact details here on our website.

Request Short Code Access

We are working with our service providers to open additional short code numbers. If there is a number that you would like to be able access from your Manx Telecom mobile, please let us know by contacting us at:

C6 Product Management
Manx Telecom Trading Ltd
Isle of Man Business Park
Cooil Road
Isle of Man
IM99 1HX

Telephone: 624624

Alternatively you can submit a request to access a Short Code SMS number here.

Twitter via SMS

Manx Telecom Mobile customers can now Tweet by text message directly from their mobile phone!

If you have a Twitter account you can send Tweets, receive notifications of Mentions, Follow new users and much more.


If you do not have a Twitter account you can register by visiting

Once you have a Twitter account you can register your mobile in two ways:

Web Registration

  • Visit and log in with your Twitter details 
  • In the Country/region drop-down menu select Isle of Man
  • Enter your Phone number in the format of 7624xxxxxx
  • Click Start and then follow the on screen instructions to send the word 'Go' to 89887
  • Your phone is now verified.

Phone Registration

  • Send start to 89887
  • You will receive a welcome message from Twitter, reply to this with your Twitter username (e.g. manxtelecom)
  • You will now receive a message asking you for your password, reply to this with your Twitter password - remember that your phone may capitalise the first letter.
  • If you have entered your password correctly you will receive a message confirming this. Reply to this with Ok
  • Your phone is now verified

Twitter SMS Commands

By default Twitter will send you a text message when you receive a Mention from another user you follow. You can turn this off by sending off to 89887 - you will still receive texts when you are sent a private, Direct Message

Some further useful commands when you text to 89887 are:

  • Follow @username - send follow and then the Username to follow a Twitter user. For example 'follow @manxtelecom'
  • @username + Message - shows your Tweet as a reply to another user. For example '@manxtelecom Hello'
  • D @username + Message - sends a private Direct Message to another user. Note: The user must follow you to be able to send then a Direct Message. For example 'D @manxtelecom Hello'
  • RT @username - sends another users latest Tweet to your followers (this is called Re-Tweeting). For example 'RT @manxtelecom'
  • Help - if you send 'help' you will receive a message back with further commands
  • Stop - signs you out of Twitter and turns ALL text message notifications off

Multimedia Messaging

Download to your handset

Download your phone settings here.

Follow the on screen prompts to download the settings to your handset.

We cannot guarantee compatibility with devices that are not in our current portfolio and therefore have not been tested on our network.

If your handset is not listed when you try to download the settings to your phone, please use the following manual configuration options. Alternatively contact 624 624

MMS (Multi Media Messaging) Settings

Contract Pay As You Go
 MMS Proxy
 MMS Port  8080  8080
 Data Bearer or type GPRS GPRS
 Username mms mmsgo
 Password mms mmsgo

Please note if your device such as a HTC prompts you for the MMC and MNC enter 234 for MMC and 58 for MNC. 

When do text messages get converted to picture messages?

The Operating System used in many Handsets will automatically convert Text Messages (SMS) to Picture Messages (MMS).

This can happpen when:

  • You are sending a Group SMS
  • A non-standard smiley or symbol is added; ie a Emoticon
  • A certain number of characters are exceeded in the SMS (with some handset this can be 160 characters, with others it can be higher)
  • Adding text to the subject field

Phones may show a SMS changing from to a MMS. You will notice the character count changing from numbers to a file size. Some handsets will allow you to switch the conversion off within the phones menu, or activate an alert when this happens.