Changes to Broadband Rentals - June 2022

Issued 1st May 2022 - Updated 20th June 2022 - From 1st June 2022 and for the first time since 2018 we will be increasing our existing broadband charges to reflect changes in the Isle of Man Economic Affairs Division Retail Price index (RPI) as at February 2022.  The inflationary adjustment that we will apply is 10%. This is based upon the percentage RPI change from our last price change in 2018 to February 2022.

RPI adjustments to existing retail pricing from 1st June 2022

  • RPI Price increases will apply to all copper and fibre broadband charges at an ex VAT rate of 10%
  • No change will be applied to any copper voice line, where this is required to deliver broadband service
  • Minimum contract term remains 24 months for all existing broadband services

General exclusions

  • Fixed line rental charges are not impacted
  • Talk Over Fibre service rental charges are not impacted
  • Router deferred payment charges are not impacted

Bill notice in May phone bill

From 1st June 2022 and for the first time since 2018 we are increasing our retail broadband prices to reflect increases in Manx RPI.  We are also launching an exciting new range of fibre broadband products. For full details, see or view notices in our Strand Street store or Braddan HQ.  As a result of our RPI increases, if you no longer wish to continue your existing contract, you can terminate it without penalty backdated to 1st June 2022.

Right to Cancel

You have the right to terminate the affected part of our agreement if we have made a change that materially disadvantages you.  Please see our Consumer General Terms & Conditions, clause 39.

If you are within your minimum term period and have a valid reason to terminate our agreement prior to the contract end date, you may do so without incurring an early termination charge for the provision of broadband services.  If this applies, you will be able to cancel your broadband contract up to and including 30th October 2022.  Charges will be backdated to 1st June 2022, the date on which the new rates applied.

New Fibre Broadband Products – optimising your Wi-Fi and your broadband experience in your home.

During June we are launching a new range of fibre broadband products. These include an enhanced router and Wi-Fi EasyMesh hub service; Wi-Fi support during and after installation; remote support to improve in-home Wi-Fi and for connecting new devices; maintenance and replacement support for routers and EasyMesh Wi-Fi devices throughout a customer’s contract term. Our new fibre broadband services will be advertised with the average speed that customers can expect to receive at peak hours - between 8pm and 10pm - and when our broadband networks are at their busiest.  We know from customer feedback that understanding the speed expected when our networks are busy is important to you.  We will provide you with the best possible average speeds and broadband service which extends to include your in-home Wi-Fi experience.

If you have any questions relating to any aspect of these changes, please contact our Customer Services teams on 624 624.

RPI Price Increases to existing Broadband services


  • All prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate
  • All relevant price changes are shaded green
  • Price excludes router
  • * = Price excludes router and copper telephone line with talk tariff required for broadband delivery
  • ** = Not available for new supply


  • All prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate
  • Price includes Router, Wi-Fi Extender and Wi-Fi Experts installation and support
  • * = Fibre Zero price includes router, installation and support