We are licensed to provide a public telephone service. All public payphones will allow you free calls to emergency services on 112 or 999, and access to the operator. In most other cases all calls are chargeable to the caller and payment is accepted in Sterling. Our payphones accept the following coins: 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. Payment by phonecard is not accepted neither are credit or debit cards.

Generally speaking all our public payphones are located in areas that allow access 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The exceptions are those payphones installed in public buildings that have restricted opening hours.

Provision of public payphones is covered in guidelines that have been agreed with the Isle of Man Communications Commission. These guidelines can be found in the "Provision of Call Box Services" section below.

Payphones provided by other Parties

In addition to the public payphone service, some cash payphones are connected to our lines by organisations and businesses such as clubs, pubs, hotels and shops. These are not the responsibility of Manx Telecom and are not covered here. The rates at which these phones charge should be displayed alongside the phone, please report any difficulties, e.g. losing money, to the provider of the payphone.

Provision of Call Box Services

  • 33.1 The Communications Provider shall ensure the adequate provision of Public Call Boxes and Call Box Services throughout the Island in order to meet the reasonable needs of End-Users in terms of geographical coverage, the number of Public Call Boxes and the quality of Call Box Services, and in accordance with the guidelines referred to in paragraph 33.4.

  • 33.2 Where the Communications Provider proposes to remove or re-site any of its Public Call Boxes, and/or cease to provide Call Box Services it shall do so in accordance with the guidelines referred to in paragraph 33.4.

  • 33.3 Where the Communications Provider has received a request for the provision of a new Public Call Box and related Call Box Services in order to meet the reasonable needs of a local community, it shall consider such a request in accordance with the guidelines referred to in paragraph 33.4.

  • 33.4 For the purposes of this Condition, the Communications Provider shall, after consultation with the Authority, from time to time publish guidelines in relation to:
    • 33.4.1 the geographical coverage of Public Call Boxes, the number of Public Call Boxes and the quality of Call Box Services required to meet the reasonable needs of End-Users;
    • 33.4.2 the process to be followed prior to the removal or re-siting of a Public Call Box or the cessation of any Call Box Services;
    • 33.4.3 the matters to be taken into account in considering a request received under paragraph 33.3; or
    • 33.4.4 any other matter relating to the Communications Provider's obligations under paragraphs 33.1, 33.2 and 33.3.
  • 33.5 The Communications Provider shall publish the guidelines referred to in paragraph 33.4 by:
    • 33.5.1 sending a copy of them to the Authority within three months of the guidelines being agreed with the Authority;
    • 33.5.2 placing as soon as practicable thereafter a copy of them on any relevant website operated or controlled by the Communications Provider; and
    • 33.5.3 sending a copy of the guidelines or any appropriate part thereof to any person who may reasonably request such a copy.

  • 33.6 Unless the Authority consents otherwise, the Communications Provider shall provide Call Box Services on the basis of uniform prices throughout the Island. 

  • 33.7 This Condition shall have effect until such time as the Authority may by notice to the Communications Provider determine.