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Non-Geograpic Services have dialling codes beginning 084, 087 and 09, they also include Directory Enquiries searches using numbers beginning 118. Calls to these numbers are charged at different rates to normal calls and in some cases they are considerably more expensive. They are used for services such as recorded information lines, e.g. weather reports as well as competitions, voting, live conversations and things that you can download. Additionally directory enquiries are provided by a number of businesses using 118xxx numbers.

Call Charges

The charges for calling a non-geographic number within these ranges is split into two distinct elements; a service charge and an access charge. The service charge, which can be duration based, fixed fee, or a combination of the two is paid to the provider of the service and is the same regardless of whether the call is made from a fixed line or a mobile phone. The second part is the access charge which is a duration based charge and is raised by the phone company. Access charges can vary depending on whether a call is made from a fixed phone or a mobile.

All businesses and organisations that advertise a non-geographic number are required to state the service charge for calling the number. Additionally, they must also say there will be an access charge raised by your phone company.

If you would like advice on the cost of calling a non-geographic number please call us on 624624.

Freephone numbers - 0800 and 0808

Calls to freephone numbers are free when made from fixed line phones and mobiles.


PhonepayPlus publishes a code of practice giving guidance on advertising and promoting, and the content of, these services.  PhonepayPlus may be able to help you if you have a complaint about a premium rate service. Contact PhonepayPlus by phone on:

  • 0300 30 300 20

PhonepayPlus publishes a number of documents relating to premium rate services which are available for download from their website.

Information and entertainment services, including adult services, are also provided by international administrations - phone numbers for these may be advertised in the British Isles.  The PhonepayPlus code of practice also applies to these services. We have no control over international numbers but we can permanently block premium rate numbers and international calls on your line. For more information contact Manx Telecom Customer Services on 624 624.