Your Line Rentals

When you order fixed line phone service from us we will provide a connection from your home or business to our nearest telephone exchange. This is what we call the fixed line telephone network and when you take out service the rental you pay for your telephone line goes towards maintaining the network.

Provision of fixed line service is very expensive and over the years we have invested millions of pounds - and continue to do so - in modernising the network to provide the kind of quality services our customers have come to expect. But that investment doesn't just mean the latest headline grabbing technology it also provides the means to maintain a network that can be relied upon every day of the year.

Please read on to find out more about what your line rental provides.

Okay, so what is provided?

That connection or telephone line will enable you to make and receive phone calls and a host of other services but, in order for that to happen we will provide and maintain:

  • A dedicated pair of wires running from your premises to the exchange, unlike other utilities where it is a shared distribution network. Maintaining and upgrading our access network is one of Manx Telecom’s highest annual capital costs year on year.
  • A piece of dedicated equipment in our exchange, ready to provide you dial tone and the ability to make and receive calls worldwide through our resilient on-Island network and off-Island links.
  • A local network operations centre manned with highly qualified engineers, monitoring and proactively repairing faults that arise.
  • Star Services including, ring back when free, call return. Depending on your tariff these maybe included as part of your rental package. Click here for more information about Star Services.
  • Local help desk (624 624) to answer your service enquiries and fault reports.
  • Local engineering teams ensuring the vast majority of faults are cleared in line with our Service Care Levels.

Service Care Levels

We've introduced a range of Service Care Levels for our fixed line phone services. This means that when you buy phone service from us it'll be provided with an entry point service care option so that should something go wrong you'll know in advance how long it will take to resolve the issue.

As we have a number of different phone tariffs the entry point service care level can vary between each of these products. Each of our fixed line tariff pages explains what level of service care is provided as standard, in most cases if you require a higher level of care it will be available at extra cost.

More information about the different service care levels are available here on our website.