Voicemail FAQs

Why do I need to create a PIN for the Voicemail system?

You will not be able to access the voicemail system without setting a New PIN code. Please use something memorable but not too obvious for others to guess. e.g. please avoid using the same digits (0000) or a running order (1234). Taking the simple step of changing your PIN vastly increases the security of your voicemail message inbox.

Will the website login be the same PIN as my phone login?

Yes, this will be the same PIN.

What are the key benefits of Voicemail

Voicemail has the following features:
• Ability to change settings via a web interface
• Voice messages can be forwarded to you by email or you can listen to them on-line
• Access messages from any phone or the web whilst you’re away, reducing roaming charges
• Message notification settings e.g. receive messages by text or email
• Multiple greetings e.g. choose different greetings for certain circumstances
• Call Me (calls you back from the web interface – mobile only)

How do I access my voicemail system if I am off Island?

You will need to have set your PIN code on the system before you can access your mailbox while off island. You then simply dial your own number, wait for the message greeting to start and then press 6. You will then need to enter your PIN which will take you to the main menu to access your messages.

How do I manage my voicemail online?

You can access your voicemail by visiting https://voicemail.manxtelecom.com. This has a number of benefits such as:
• Ability to change settings via a web interface
• Voice messages forwarded to you by email
• Control your message notification settings
• Apply multiple greetings
• Call Me (calls you back from web interface – mobile only)

To set up the voicemail web interface please refer to our web interface user guide which is available to download below.

Will I now have to pay to have voicemail?

Voicemail will remain a FREE service for all mobile customers and customers on our 'Anytime’ and 'Evenings & Weekends' copper fixed line tariffs. There is no change to the charge applied to customers on 'Weekends’ and 'Basic’ copper fixed line tariffs.

(Voicemail is unavailable for Talk Over Fibre services ordered after 1st June 2022).