About our Environment:

Manx Telecom operates several multi-vendor and award-winning networks and platforms delivering a wide range of services to the Isle of Man and beyond. Manx Telecom also operates two Tier 3 datacentres on the Island, delivering hosting and managed services to both the Public and Private sectors. Exceeding our customers’ expectations in an ever-evolving industry, and advances in technology, means Manx Telecoms networks and services continually evolve and change through our commitment to innovation and investment in leading edge solutions and products.

About Manx Telecom:

The original telecommunications operator on the Isle of Man, having been a public company since 2014 we have recently been bought by an infrastructure investment company called Basalt with plans to continue the growth of the business.  This growth is underpinned by our commitment to continued investment in our products, our networks and most importantly in our people.

We offer a full range of telecommunications (mobile, fixed and broadband) together with data, hosting and managed services to our local market and class-leading international “smart SIM” solutions to the global market, including Connection Critical Mobile, M2M, MVNO and Global Messaging.  And more is on the way…

We have won numerous awards and industry recognition for pioneering new and cutting-edge technologies and our innovative approach.  As a business, we are the sum of our people; reflecting their passion for delivery to our customers, both on the island and around the world.  As one of the largest employers on the island, our team play a major role in the wider community, richly enhancing lives and businesses at home and overseas.

This is an attractive proposition for several reasons, not least of which is Manx Telecom’s growth ambition and our desire to build a high performance and adaptive culture which enables delivery of those plans both on and potentially off-island.

The company has an excellent story to tell: new appointments at leadership team level that have reinvigorated the business under Gary Lamb’s (CEO) leadership; a cultural change underway and appetite for increased change readiness; and recognition of the need to drive engagement across the organisation. Importantly, there is plenty still to aim at.