Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business, we empower our people to be themselves and to respect others is core to our values and how we aim to behave every day. We believe that diversity brings valuable perspectives to our work. Inclusion ensures those perspectives help us to create an environment which allows us to delight our customers.

We've woven diversity and inclusion into our purpose and values, using our people's voice to inform how we want to grow as an organisation for the benefit of our customers and our community.

Our mission is to "deliver consistently great experiences that delight our customers", that includes our people too.

Our vision is to be "first choice for our customers, best choice for our community and the environment".

Our values underpin how we will achieve our inclusive future promises,

  • That our people feel they belong and are valued to allow them to bring their whole self to work
    • We will do this by respectfully embracing others' points of view and individuality
    • Listen to feedback and take appropriate action
  • That everyone has a voice and feels heard
    • We will challenge our bias and listen to each other without prejudice
    • We will Confidently build mutually respectful relationships
  • That all our people are happy and healthy so they can be able to contribute to their own and the business's success
    • We will do this by being more than just a colleague by showing that we care and are Passionate about
      other's wellbeing
    • We will continue to provide training and resources for health and well-being matters
  • That those who are under-represented and are in a minority group who may feel vulnerable are fully supported, included and develop a sense of belonging at Manx Telecom
    • We will create a safe space to work for all our people
    • We will be allies and work to continue our education and engagement

We take positive action to improve our workplace and are committed to cultivating an environment that fosters respect, equality and opportunity for all our people. Making Manx Telecom a place where you can bring your whole self to work

Why Manx Telecom

It's very simple to us - happy, motivated people will provide great service to our customers and having a good work-life balance makes people happy!

Core Benefits

Feeling rewarded is about more than just pay and benefits - it’s about looking forward to coming to work every day and knowing that you are adding value!

Career Development

We encourage our people to fulfil their potential. We want you to be able to grow and develop throughout your career and enjoy a wide range of opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We work hard to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to be themselves and bring their whole self to work.