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    what we do

    MT is the Island’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company. We maintain and build a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fibre cables. Approximately 50,000 lines are connected to homes and businesses throughout the Island.

    We operate an access network working with different phone and broadband providers to give access to our network and develop innovative new products and services. Our team helps these providers connect their home and business customers to the family, friends, customers & suppliers.

    You’ll see our field technicians out and about. They’re working on your behalf to make about over 160,000 visits to homes and businesses each year, maintaining and repairing existing phone and broadband lines – and installing new ones. Right now, we’re developing our fibre optic cable strategy to enable Ultra-Fast Broadband services to the majority of the islands residents and businesses and employing technology neutral solution to increase speeds and enrich the user experience in rural communities.

    Fibre can deliver large amounts of data further and faster to support services like private circuits, broadband, HD & UHD media services compared with the copper cables traditionally used for telecommunications services. The future of telecommunications is exciting and we’re working hard to make it happen.

    our customers

    We operate an open network enabling different phone and broadband providers network access so they can offer innovative products and services to their residential and business customers.

    working with providers

    We offer a range of options so providers can access our network in the way that works best for them and their customers, over both our copper and fibre networks. Our products and services include fibre and copper access services utilising the skills of our service technicians.

    We offer a suite of regulated services developed with full industry and government consultation to ensure we offer all providers the same service, using the same systems, on the same terms. Additionally our commercial products are designed to offer services beyond those of the regulated services and create opportunities to make the most of our network assets and reach.

    products and services

    Our customers are phone and broadband providers who use our products to deliver services to their residential and business customers over our copper and fibre networks.


    For residential end users, we offer providers phone and broadband services over copper and fibre. We deliver the installation smarter so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

    Online TV, UHD movies, gaming, shopping, smart home appliances, IoT - we are more connected than ever before and the internet's role in our lives will continue to rapidly evolve. As we do more online we need better broadband speed to ensure that every member of the household is getting a greater experience. Our island wide copper-based broadband service offers a real-time channel dedicated for phone at the same time as a second channel to deliver a best-effort broadband service.

    Our super fast VDSL service delivers broadband at faster speeds than standard ADSL2+ and is targeted at those residential users with greater bandwidth needs for that fully immersive user experience and small businesses who have high data needs. We also offer some providers voice-only services over our network and their own branded broadband services over our lines. 


    We offer providers businesses phone and broadband services over our copper and fibre. We deliver the installations smarter so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

    For medium businesses or branch offices who use business-grade applications such as phone, and Virtual Private Networks, providers can offer broadband delivering up to 80Mbps of dedicated downstream and 20 Mbps upstream bandwidth.

    For corporate customers, schools and medical centres, we offer a service which allows providers to meet their high performance demands. Our wide range of bandwidth options includes a new top access speed of 10Gbps of dedicated downstream and upstream bandwidth with transparent networks, ideal for supporting complex business-grade applications.

    Corporate and larger users need high-speed, real-time applications or multiple services over a single access point. We offer products over copper and fibre that allow providers to extend their network reach or build their own business-grade private network product.


    We offer communications providers wholesale services that enable them to connect with high value customers through our world class fibre and copper access network. We can also help facilitate off island connectivity over our CMPLS or dedicated clear channel products & services. 

  • About Basalt Infrastructure Partners

    Basalt In Numbers

    Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP (Basalt) is an independent infrastructure investment firm, with a transatlantic focus on mid-market infrastructure with a differentiated approach to deal sourcing. 


    Our Team

    rob gregor steven lowry jeff neil andy friend michael cowell

    Rob Gregor

    Managing Partner

    Steven Lowry


    Jeff Neil

    New York

    Andy Friend

    Chairman of the 
    Investment Committee

    Michael Cowell

    Chief Operating Officer

    Click here to visit the Basalt website and read full biographies for each member.

    Target Sectors

    target sectors header

    Basalt focuses on the North American and European mid market infrastructure sectors of utility, energy and transportation. Basalt is seeking low volatility assets that are either in the operational phase or in late stage construction projects that when complete exhibit traditional infrastructure characteristics. Basalt investments typically exhibit the following characteristics:

    Low volatilty; limited correlation with other asset classes
    • Operate on a largely uncorrelated cycle to other asset classes
    • Diversify even the most mature portfolio
    Sustainable long-term, inflation-linked cash-flows
    • Predictable long-term cash flows; typically with medium to long term contracts
    • Stable, inflation linked revenues
    • Low market risk
    High Operating Margins
    • Relatively low on-going variable operational and maintenance expenses
    High barriers to entry
    • Capital intensive assets which limit the number of natural competitors
    • Strong operational experience needed to successfully manage assets
    Provision of essential services
    • Foundation for basic, irreplaceable public services, sometimes regulated
    • Benefit from relatively inelastic demand
    Opportunity for de-risking
    • Provide the scope for Basalt derisking of cash flows over hold period

    For more information about Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP (Basalt), visit their website at

  • Customer Contact Centre Status

    Manx Telecom is changing the way we operate to help ensure we continue to keep our customers and our staff safe.

    In line with IOM Government guidelines, and until further notice, our staff will be working from home but, rest assured, we are here for you.

    If you have queries or concerns, please contact us in the usual ways.

    • Call us on 624624
    • Contact us online at
    • Message or chat with our friendly digital teams via our social channels

    Location Status
    Online Shop OPEN - Click here to order online.
    Manx Telecom HQ Reception OPEN - Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm
    Manx Telecom Shop Click and Collect Only
    Manx Telecom Contact Centre (624624) OPEN - Click here for opening hours.

    Latest News

    28/02/210 - Manx Telecom Update Following The Announcement of a 21 Day Circuit Breaker  [Read More...▼]


    Our teams are switching to working from home, ensuring critical services like customer support are operating as normal. Those teams are operating 7 days a week to ensure you can get help and advice when you need it most.


    Call us on 624624 or contact us via our social channels.


    Today our Strand Street shop is open for click & collect only under strict social distancing with PPE available for customers. From 5.30pm the shop will be closed but you can order online with free next day delivery. In fact, we know how important an extra 24 hours can be so, if you order before 10am, you can even get same day delivery. Visit our online store for everything you need to work and play from home. If we can help in any way please get in touch - we’re here for you.


    06/05/20 - Stepping up in a Crisis [Read More...▼]

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to Island businesses but there are some great examples of teams stepping up to deliver in difficult circumstances. Chamber member Cathy Collins explains how Manx Telecom has been working hard to keep us connected through the lockdown period.

    Manx Telecom’s Business Continuity Plans were launched early, allowing over 65% of our workforce to work remotely from their homes and continue their roles without any major hitches. Meanwhile our remaining field and technical engineering teams have been busy maintaining essential and critical connectivity services for the IOM Government, key workers and those in vulnerable groups.

    Our store staff have continued to work behind closed doors, delivering hardware and handsets - almost all on next day delivery - to keep our customers working (and streaming/gaming!) from home. We have also been making capacity improvements to both our broadband and mobile networks at various locations around the Island, and recently changed our mobile network identifier to #StayHome_MT to reflect and reinforce Government messaging. The identifier currently changes each Thursday to #ThanksNHS_MT to show our support for their work and, from Friday 25 April, changed to #StaySafe_MT to reflect the changed Government Coronavirus guidelines.

    We were proud to help launch the 111 Covid-19 telephone service - it has received around 6,000 calls to date. We have also received some great feedback for our #HereForYou campaign which includes removing broadband usage caps and free local/national voice calls for vulnerable groups, and doubling the validity period for pay-as-you-go mobile top ups. We’re also urging customers experiencing financial hardship as a result of Coronavirus to contact us so that we can understand how we can help them. Elsewhere we are helping local charities and support groups such as Live at Home and Laxey Lifeline to keep elderly and vulnerable people in touch with services and communities at a time when it is even more important for people to be able to stay connected with connected by phone or via the internet.

    As well as adapting to the current Coronavirus situation, other work goes on as usual. We have just announced an exciting new five-year deal with Cerillion to future-proof the billing and payments side of the business. We’ve also just been awarded the prestigious BS ISO 45001:2018 accreditation in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management for leadership and management commitment to creating a health and safety culture. It’s important not to lose sight of the long term in a crisis so these developments keep us looking forward and focused on continuous improvement.

    Of course, Coronavirus has presented us with challenges – the temporary closure of our Strand Street store and the restriction on engineering works are key. Having robust Business Continuity Plans in place, and a willing, flexible and committed workforce have helped us respond quickly and effectively. It’s been a great team effort across the business.

    03/04/20 - Community Support – Important Numbers that we have made free to all Fixed and Mobile customers on-Island [Read More...▼]

    • 111 – (COVID-19 medical Line) 
    • 686262 – Coronavirus Information Line (non-medical)
    • 686455 – Coronavirus Business Support Line (non-medical)
    • 685400 – Income Tax Line 
    • 686262 – Social Security Line

    27/03/20 - Restrictions to engineer visits and appointments  [Read More...▼]

    Further to the announcement by the Chief Minister and the Isle of Man Government on Wednesday 25th March, we have taken the decision to limit our business operations. 

    Our engineers have been advised to avoid entering businesses and personal customer premises. For this reason any planned installations and appointments will need to be postponed. Much of our work can be completed outside or remotely, and this will continue as normal.

    We feel this is the responsible action to take at this time to reduce the risk to our staff, our clients, and to support the island’s efforts in containing the virus and bringing the Island back to normality as swiftly as possible.

    Staying connected is more important than ever at this time and therefore we will be prioritising essential work, like maintaining connections and our critical national infrastructure. As always, Manx Telecom is committed to keeping the Island connected and will be back to our full working capacity upon receiving guidance and reassurance from the Government that it is safe to do so.

    For personal customers

    This cancellation of services will include all Fibre broadband installations. Our team will be in touch with everyone who has an installation planned to discuss options. New orders for Fibre Broadband can still be made at and these will be completed when we are able to commence engineering visits.

    We can however, complete upgrades to existing broadband plans remotely. Where we can upgrade your service without access to your premises, we will continue to do so. To request an upgrade to your existing broadband, visit

    If you have any questions, or need an update on an order, please get in touch with our Customer Experience Team on 624624 or by messaging us through Facebook. 

    For business customers

    Our team continue to work as normal and are available for you to contact during standard business hours to support your business requirements, contact details as follows:

    For updates on an existing order or fault, contact us on  or 636020.

    For new and existing customers with a new business requirement please contact your Account Manager as normal or the team on  or 636636.

    We hope that you, your colleagues, family and friends remain safe and healthy during such a challenging period for everybody. Please be assured that the welfare of our customers and employees during this time remains our number one priority.

    26/03/20 - Gary Lamb speaks with MTTV - "Manx Telecom Network Update"  [Read More...▼]

    24/03/20 - Engineer visits to homes and businesses  [Read More...▼]

    We know how critical telephone and internet services are to everyone, particularly in the current situation.

    Our Engineers continue to visit customers’ premises to install new and maintain existing services. 

    They are taking extensive measures to protect the health of our customers and themselves.

    Engineers will not be able to enter premises where anyone is suffering flu-like symptoms or where people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are self-isolating.

    Our measures to protect staff and Customer health include and are not limited to: 

    • Risk assessment to be completed at all customer sites
    • Using anti-bacterial hand gel and wipes when entering buildings
    • Maintaining 3 metres social distancing recommended for site visits
    • Where gloves need to be taken off for dexterous work, wiping hands and donning a new pair of gloves afterwards
    • Disposing of wipes/gloves in a bag/bin away from all tools and equipment after every site visit
    • Wiping down communal equipment with anti-bacterial wipes
    • Washing hands after using equipment
    • Avoiding shared computer equipment where possible - wiping down keyboard/mouse and washing hands afterwards 

    19/03/20 - Gary Lamb speaks with MTTV - "Coronavirus: Working Remotely"  [Read More...▼]

    13/03/20 - Manx Telecom Business Continuity Planning for COVID-19 [Read More...▼]

    Manx Telecom can reassure you that we are fully prepared should any changes to our normal business operations become necessary as a result of COVID-19.

    We have a robust Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that will be implemented as required to ensure Manx Telecom remains open for business so that you continue to receive our network, connectivity and support services.

    We have also implemented initial policies in the short-term to mitigate any potential issues arising from coronavirus. These are in line with UK/IoM Government and World Health Organisation recommendations and they include:

    • Restricting all staff business travel - Manx Telecom already encourages virtual meeting as appropriate.
    • Cancelling all work-related travel to affected areas as advised by the UK/IoM Governments.
    • Recommending to staff they carefully consider whether personal travel to affected areas is essential.
    • Managing staff returning from affected areas.
    • Ensuring all staff are aware of protection measures for people they know who have recently visited areas where COVID-19 is spreading.

    The following key elements of our BCP ensure the continued provision of your services:

    • Manx Telecom is confident in supplying an acceptable level of service to all our customers during any period of time in which our Business Continuity Plans have to be invoked.
    • We have a high proportion of staff who have remote devices and remote access to our virtual desktop infrastructure in the event of the need to work from home.
    • We are continually monitoring our supply chain with our partners.

    If you have any queries or would like any additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or call our Customer Contact team on 624624.

    We will notify all customers of any changes to our business as usual operations and procedures via email, our website and social channels.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to key questions, information on how to access practical support from the comfort of your home, and details of support measures in place to ensure that families and businesses can remain connected over the coming weeks.

    You can also find advice and support on for a range of needs, from pay as you go mobile top ups to fault reporting, to advice on how to stay safe online.

    Key Information:

    Is your shop open? [Read More...▼]

    Our Strand Street store is open for click and collect only today, 2nd March. From 5.30pm it will be closed to visitors but customers can easily shop online at Any orders placed by 10am should receive same-day delivery.

    Our displays are now fully stocked with handsets and accessories.

    Maintenance [Read More...▼]


    In accordance with IOM Government guidance our field teams on working externally only and observing social distancing. This is subject to change depending on any further advice from the government. 

    Installation appointments [Read More...▼]

    If you have an existing appointment our customer services teams will contact you to discuss and rearrange your appointment. We’ll provide further information on fibre broadband installations as soon as details are confirmed.

    Still Here For You [Read More...▼]

    Following the announcement of a further lockdown on the Isle of Man, the following support measures are again in place to ensure that families and businesses can remain connected over the coming weeks. These are among measure made available during the lockdown in Spring 2019 which we have maintained over the year to help our customers and clients during these challenging times.

    Low User Choice [Read More...▼]

    Our social inclusion tariff “Low User Choice” is a simple, low-cost voice only service that is easy to understand and is designed to help our most vulnerable customers and many elderly people on low incomes or Government benefits. To support Low User Choice customers we have made all local and national calls to fixed and mobile are free on this tariff. Customers on “Low User Choice” do not need to take any action to take advantage of this benefit.

    Capped Broadband – we’ve taken the caps off  [Read More...▼]

    We are releasing capped broadband services for no additional charge. This is to help ensure our Essential and Fast broadband customers - including the most vulnerable and many elderly - can keep in contact with their family and friends using email, Skype, Facetime and similar online tools.

    Customers will still see the 80% and 100% capped redirect portal page messages, with updated text advising that capped release fees are now free. If a customer uses all of their data they just need to check the link on the 100% capped redirect to release their connection, free of charge.

    Support and advice  [Read More...▼]

    Our customer service and home network teams are ready and waiting to answer any queries and to provide remote support for homeworkers and anyone experiencing problems. You can call them on 624624, seven days a week for support and assistance from the comfort of your home.


    General Questions

    I don't know if I'll be able to pay my phone bill [Read More...▼]

    Our approach is to talk with our customers and support them as much as we can to keep them connected so they can stay in touch with their family and loved ones. We would urge anyone who is facing financial difficulties to reach out to us if they are concerned about their repayments. Customers can call us on 624624 and corporate customers can contact their Account Managers.

    Is there another way of contact you rather than calling 624624? [Read More...▼]

    Our teams are very busy answering calls.  You can email us on or send a message via our social media, Facebook or LinkedIn.  You can also log a query/fault through MyMT if you are registered.

    Orders and Faults

    I’ve been waiting to have Fibre installed and don’t want to have wait any longer.  [Read More...▼]

    All orders are being reviewed and our teams will contact you to arrange installation as soon as possible.

    Are you continuing to take orders? [Read More...▼]

    Yes, but at this stage timescales may be a little longer than normal but we are working hard to catch back up as soon as possible.

    Business Customer contact information

    I am a Business Customer and would like to speak to MT about new services and requirements... [Read More...▼]

    Please contact  or 636636.

    I am a Business Customer and would like an update on an existing order... [Read More...▼]

    Please contact  or 636020.

    I am a Business Customer and would like to report a fault or issue... [Read More...▼]

    Please contact  or 636020.

    I am a Business Customer and would like an update on an existing fault or issue... [Read More...▼]

    Please contact  or 636020.

    Consumer Customer contact information

    I would like to speak to MT about new services and requirements... [Read More...▼]

    Please call our Contact Centre via 624624.

    I would like an update on an existing order... [Read More...▼]

    Please call our Contact Centre via 624624.

    I would like to report a fault or issue... [Read More...▼]

    Please call our Contact Centre via 624624.

    I would like an update on an existing fault or issue... [Read More...▼]

    Please call our Contact Centre via 624624.

    Fixed Line

    I have ‘Low User Choice’, what will my call charges be? [Read More...▼]

    To ensure Low User Choice customers can stay in contact with friends, family and support organisations, we are making all local and national calls free to these customers.


    I’ll be able to renew my mobile contact next month, can I still do that? [Read More...▼]

    Yes.You can do this online at, email us at or call us on 624624


    How can I improve my broadband experience? [Read More...▼]

    Check out our comprehensive advice leaflet here for key advice on how to enjoy an improved WiFi experience. If you watch videos, listen to podcasts or need large online files, you could plan ahead and set them to download to your device when fewer people are using the network between midnight and 6am. You can then enjoy downloaded information or content when you want to. These are unprecedented times and, like Manx Telecom, a large number of Isle of Man businesses will adopt similar working from home practices. To help each other and local businesses through this difficult period we urge people to be considerate and help home workers by downloading, streaming and participating in online gaming outside office hours.

    Will my broadband allowance run out? [Read More...▼]

    We are releasing capped broadband services for no additional charge. This is to help ensure our Essential and Fast broadband customers - including the most vulnerable and many elderly - can keep in contact with their family and friends using email, Skype, FaceTime and similar online tools.

    I’ve had an ongoing problem with broadband speeds  [Read More...▼]

    Please contact our Helpdesk team at or via 624624 option 3 for further support and options. Or you can send a message via our social media, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also log a query/fault through MyMT if you are registered.