Another first for Manx Telecom and the Isle of Man

Fantastic news for Manx Telecom customers travelling abroad and for visitors to the Island.

4G roaming is now available to Manx Telecom mobile customers when they travel off the Island to selected destinations (see table below). Customers travelling to UK and other international destinations will also be able to access 4G services in the near future.

You can check the countries and operators where you can use your mobile by visiting our Roaming Destinations page.  We will update the information about our roaming partners when new services become available on their networks.

For visitors to the Island who want to experience the incredibly fast 4G speed that Manx Telecom has to offer on its mobile network, we have already launched with the following operators:

4G Roaming Partners

Customers of these networks can use 4G services with Manx Telecom
Manx Telecom customers can use 4G services on these networks
Jersey Telecom Jersey Telecom
Swisscom Swisscom
T-Mobile USA
Vodafone Czech Republic Vodafone Czech Republic
Vodafone Germany Vodafone Germany
Vodafone Greece
Vodafone Hungary
Vodafone Netherlands
Vodafone New Zealand
Vodafone Romania
Vodafone South Africa
Vodafone Spain Vodafone Spain
Vodafone Turkey
Vodafone UK Vodafone UK