This is a free update required for all customers travelling to the US.

Call us on 624624 or visit us in-store to get your free update.


What is VoLTE?

VoLTE is an abbreviation for Voice over LTE (4G). Rather than using the 3G/2G network, your device will stay on 4G rather than drop to 2G/3G to make a voice or video call.

Why do I need to get an upgrade for travel to the US?

If you’re travelling to the US you are going to need a free upgrade to your mobile plan in order for voice calls and text messages to work. This is because 2G and 3G networks have been switched off in the US. In the past voice and text solutions have been delivered over these networks. Moving forward, 4G will be used for voice and text but this requires an upgrade to your mobile plans.

What is the upgrade?

We are able to apply a bolt-on to your Pay Monthly or Pay as You Go service to ensure voice and text service work over 4G. You do not need to visit us and this upgrade can be made remotely to your service. We just need customers who wish to travel to the US contact us so we can make the upgrade on your behalf.

Is it available to all customers?

The short answer is yes however there are certain devices where the upgrade won’t work. Please contact us to check if your device will work with the update. We are reliant on manufacturers making relevant updates on their software so there are some mobile phones we are still waiting for the manufacturer update to be completed. 

How much will it cost me?

This is a free upgrade for customers. 

How do I get the free upgrade?

Just call our team on 624624, visit us in store or send us a direct message through our social channels and we’ll be able to arrange the upgrade to be remotely applied to your mobile plan.