Roaming InCalls to IOM, and local fixed lines &mobilesCall InternationalReceiving a CallSMS WorldwideData per MB
Zone 1 44p 88p FREE 23p each 20p
Zone 2 50p £1.10 FREE 31p each 50p
Zone 3 £1.44 £1.80 90p 43p each £1.20
Zone 4 £1.80 £2.40 £1.35 54p each £9.00

Call, text and data charges apply when outside any exclusive bundle or allowance.  Call costs are per minute, per text, data Megabyte and include VAT @ 20% where appropriate. 

Roaming Exclusions

Certain call types are excluded from the charges above:

  • Expensive national calls such as premium rate services, non-geographical services charged at a premium over ordinary calls
  • Calls to satellite services
  • Calls to maritime services
  • Some roaming destinations specialising in these services, e.g. cruise ship roaming, US extended networks

Minimum Charges

Voice Calls

A minimum call charge applies of 60 seconds. Calls charged in 60 second increments thereafter.


Top-up using 154 from your mobile is available in the majority of our roaming destinations^. Calls to 154 are FREE

Please note, your call will be automatically disconnected if zero credit is reached in your account.

* In order to use mobile data while roaming you will need to maintain a credit value in your account equivalent to 2MB at the data rate for the network you are utilizing.
^ Some exceptions may apply, e.g. Macau