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Before You Travel

We recommend checking your current mobile tariff for details of any included roaming allowances.

  • Check there is a roaming agreement with your destination and which operators’ networks are available.
  • Match which Manx Telecom roaming zone your destination falls into and check the charges for making a call, receiving a call, sending a text and data usage.
  • Check your mobile phone’s e-mail settings, as a phone or device automatically checking for e-mail could inadvertently run up a large bill quickly.
  • Be aware of any activity that may use large amounts of data eg, gaming, viewing video and downloading software updates.
  • Make sure automatic updates and applications that synchronise via the web are switched off. (For details on how to do this please refer to phone or device manufacturer’s website or refer to the Data section on our website, contact our Helpdesk on 624624 or call into our Strand shop for a quick demonstration.)

When roaming, in order to prevent unwanted data usage, turn off mobile data. See Apple Support for iPads and iPhones, Google support for Pixel and Android phones.

Roaming on the Manx Telecom Network

Welcome to the Isle of Man! If you are visiting the Isle of Man and using a SIM card from an off-Island provider, we have all the information you need to stay connected.

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