Business Roaming

Planning a trip?

Manx Telecom customers can now travel with confidence and enjoy more freedom to use mobile services whilst abroad. Our new smartcorp tariffs include UK and EU roaming allowances, so it's now much more affordable to make calls, send texts and use data when travelling to these destinations. To find out more information about our new smartcorp tariffs click here.

Click here for a list of countries where smartcorp allowances can be used.

And there's more! We have slashed the cost of using roaming data for all of our customers, including Pay as You Go, with up to 90% reductions in global destinations.

Roaming Charges

Roaming In Calls to IOM, local fixed lines &mobiles Call International Receiving a Call SMS Worldwide Data per MB
Zone 1 37.5p 75.88p FREE 20p each 16.67p
Zone 2 42.5p 94.17p FREE 26.67p each 41.67p
Zone 3 £1.234 £1.542 77.5p 37.08p each £1.00
Zone 4 £1.542 £2.058 £1.158 45.84p each £7.50

Call, text and data charges apply when outside any inclusive bundle or allowance. Call costs are per minute, per text, data Megabyte and subject to VAT where appropriate. Minimum call charge of 60 seconds duration applies, per 60 second charge thereafter except free calls and fixed fee calls.

Roaming Exclusions

Certain call types are excluded from the charges above:

  • Expensive national calls such as premium rate services, non-geographical services charged at a premium over ordinary calls
  • Calls to satellite services
  • Calls to maritime services
  • Some roaming destinations specialising in these services, e.g. cruise ship roaming, US extended networks

Minimum Charges

Voice Calls

Smart Tariff Inclusive roaming minutes in Zones 1 & 2 include; calls made within a Zone 1 or Zone 2 country to a fixed line or mobile number with the same Zone 1 or Zone 2 country, in addition to calls back to IOM and UK fixed lines & mobiles. Roaming minutes do not roll over. Calls charged in 60 second increments.


Minimum data charge is 10KB, data charged per KB thereafter.

Roaming text allowances

Available in all Zones.

Data Roaming

The aim of this information is to help you make the most of your mobile or data device and to ensure that you don’t return home to unexpected charges. If you are a Pay Monthly customer you can now order a roaming bolt-on which will be a great saving for you. We also provide advice on how to keep roaming charges to a minimum regardless of whether you’re making a call, sending a text or using data whilst you’re away.

If in doubt or if you do not wish to incur any mobile data roaming charges you must remove the Access Point Name (APN) from your mobile device; more information on how to do this can be found here.

For more information on voice and data charges please click here or call us on 624624.