How to change your language settings

How to Change your Language Settings

You can change the language of the Manx Telecom Voice Recording web application quickly and easily from the login page. Choose the flag that matches the language you wish to use, for example, you can change from english to german by clicking the german flag and the language will change. After changing the language and logging in you will be presented with four options: revert back to the default language previously set, update your profile to change the default language to the one selected, use the selected language for this session only or to keep the default language to the one previously set language.

You can easily switch the language from the web application from session to session, alternatively to permanently change the language, click the settings cog in the top right corner of the dashboard and select profile, this will take you to your unique user profile where you can scroll down to find the language setting, here you can set your default language for example italian so that each time you log into Manx Telecom’s Voice Recording platform it will be presented in your chosen language.