Call Recording

Welcome to Intelligent Voice Call Recording from Manx Telecom

In this video, we’ll take a quick look around the Manx Telecom Voice Recording portal to show you how easy it is to view calls, transcripts and some other cool features.

First login by entering your username and password and clicking login, This is the Manx Telecom Voice Recording portal, here you can see all of your recorded calls and meetings. If you are an admin user you can see all the calls and meetings from your team and if you're a standard user you will only be able to see your own calls and meetings.

On each call you will see the caller and recipient details and the date and time of the call. Clicking the play button will play the recording instantly - if A.I. is enabled you’ll see a sentiment rating above each recording, clicking on this will open the recording and A.I. dashboard. A.I. is a suite of advanced voice AI tools that analyse each recording and provide incredible insight to your calls and meetings.

With voice-to-text transcription you can see a full record of the words spoken. You'll also see sentiment analysis for each segment of transcription, which enables you to understand exactly where a conversation was positive, negative or neutral. You can also see an overall sentiment rating for every recording, rated from 1 (positive) all the way to -1(negative). Finally, the tone analyser provides a visual overview of the different emotions expressed during a recording rated by magnitude.

Another powerful feature of A.I. is the ability to click on any word in the transcription to play the recording from that point. Because every recording is transcribed when A.I. is enabled, you can search your entire history of recordings by a specific word.

Let’s use keyword as an example, searching for a specific word or recording is easy with Manx Telecom Voice Recording, Enter the search term just as you would with any search engine and you'll be instantly presented with the results. We can see a number of results here, let's click on one with a negative sentiment. Here, we can see the recording, sentiment, tone analysis and transcription of another recording. We can see that a section of the recording is showing a negative sentiment, by clicking on the first word we can playback that section of the recording to understand why. A.I. gives you the ability to identify potential issues and understand the full context of the issue instantly, whats more with A.I. you can create negative sentiment alerts to ensure you are notified by email whenever there is a call with a negative sentiment, which we will explore in another video.

With Manx Telecom Voice Recording you can keep all of your recordings organised with tags, you can add one or multiple tags to every recording, tags add another layer of filtering to your search results allowing you to locate a specific recording or a group of recordings instantly.