How to create and manage teams

How to Create and Manage Teams

Account administrators can assign permissions to users allowing them to listen to other users' recordings. By default, standard users can only listen to their own recordings. To allow standard users to listen to the recordings of other users, a team must be created.

You can create a new team by clicking the ‘add team’ button on the team tab of the my account page. This opens a pop up window that allows you to create a team name and a description if required. After clicking save changes you will receive a notification to show that the team has been created and you will be taken to the team page. Here you can add users to the team by clicking the add button next to members you will be shown a list of all users on your account.

You can add users by clicking on their names: for example, Andy; you will be shown a pop up window that allows you to set Andy as a listener, this allows Andy to listen to the other team members recordings. Click on save changes to add Andy to the team. In order to add users whose recordings can be played by listeners : in this case Emma : repeat the process but click the checkbox next to recorder, clicking save changes will add Emma to the team as a contributor. All members who are listeners have permission to play all recordings made by contributors within their team, users can be members of multiple teams as both listeners and contributors this gives admins total control of who can listen to different recordings.