How to manage account users

How to Manage Account Users

On the my account page the account administrators can view the people tab which shows all users in their account. Each entry shows the name of the user, whether they are an account administrator or a standard user and the email address they used to login to the Manx Telecom Voice Recording web application.

On the right hand side of each user’s entry there is a settings button which allows admins to modify settings for users. There is also a delete icon that allows admins to delete a user. When deleting a user there are two options : permanently delete the user and their recordings or delete the user and retain the recordings. Recordings that are retained will be available until the retention date and time of the original plan. We recommend you keep all calls if they were recorded for compliance. Finally there is an ‘add person’ button at the top of the page that allows admins to add new users or account administrators.