118695 Isle of Man Directory Enquiries

118695 is our local directory enquiry and information service. Follow these links to search for a residential or business number.

Service Charge:
from Fixed Line Phones & Mobile Phones

National &
Fixed Fee
per Call
Pence per
Manx Telecom 118695 (1) Yes No n/a 100p

Service Charges inc VAT

(1) Calls charged by Timed Duration only.

In addition to these charges when you call a 118xxx number you will be charged an Access Charge. Our access charges are:

  • From Fixed Line Phones: 16p (inc VAT) per minute
  • From Pay Monthly Mobiles: 25p (inc VAT) per minute
  • From Pay As You Go Mobiles: 30p (inc VAT) per minute
118695 - Local Directory Enquiriesinc VAT
From Manx Telecom Public Payphones 100p

Prices shown above are pence per minute. Minimum call charge of 30p applies, call time charged in increments of 10p inc VAT thereafter.

For more information on call charges from Public Payphones, please click here.

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