IOM Mobile Numbers

Mobile telephone numbers provided by Isle of Man operators Manx Telecom and Sure Isle of Man are prefixed with the national dialling code 07624 followed by a 6 digit number that allows 6 digit dialling when calling on the Island. Manx Telecom's 6 digit number ranges begin with either 3 or 4 whilst Sure Isle of Man's 6 digit number range starts with 2. This 6 digit number makes for easy identification of the network provider allowing a caller to know before a call commences which network they will be calling.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) took effect on the Isle of Man on the 29th June 2009 and following its introduction it is no longer be possible to use this simple rule to identify the network of the number you are calling.

MNP allows a customer to keep their mobile number should they decide to change their network provider.