Fibre testimonial - Andy Corrie

"..even if everyone in the house is streaming video, gaming, downloading or working at the same time, we still get a solid service."

Name: Andy Corrie

Broadband Service: UltraFast Fibre

Andrew upgraded to UltraFast Fibre from Manx Telecom and rates the performance of his broadband as ‘Excellent’ since switching to fibre.

As a family, the internet connection is important. With teenage sons both gaming and streaming online, demand for broadband bandwidth is high.

Andrew shared: “I needed a faster connection to facilitate all of the video streaming that we use and online gaming, I also needed a reliable and stable connection for work.”

He went on to add: “Once installed, we now have a fast and stable internet connection with noticeably quicker download and upload speeds.”

Upgrading to fibre broadband

“The installation was quick and easy and carried out by friendly engineers.”

Why did you pick Manx Telecom?

“I didn’t feel anyone else would be able match their service or products.”