Fibre testimonial - Olivia Ramsay

"No matter how many devices we have on at once, it doesn’t miss a beat…"

Name: Olivia Ramsay

Broadband Service: UltraFast Fibre

Broadband is very important to the Ramsay household, and since upgrading to UltraFast Fibre from Manx Telecom, the family’s experience has been excellent.

Olivia shared that they stream movies and content from multiple devices. In the past they had experienced buffering however, since upgrading to Unlimited Fibre Broadband, Olivia says that “no matter how many devices we have on at once it doesn’t miss a beat, also it’s cheaper due to no phone line.”

Olivia also mentioned “ buffering means no angry boyfriend when the match buffers as Liverpool score.”

Although we can't guarantee the goals, Manx Telecom is delivghted to contribute to a happier house.

Upgrading to Fibre broadband

Upgrading to Fibre was a simple process and Olivia added that, “It was smooth and easy, I took a half day off work to be in for installation and it took only a short time, I was able to have a meeting dialled in with my team from home whilst my broadband was being installed and it didn’t even disturb me working... Top class service as always.”

Why did you pick Manx Telecom?

“I chose Manx Telecom because of the prices and service. I’ve been with Manx Telecom for over 10 years and I can’t fault them for service.