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What is 4G+?

LTE Advanced (4G+) is the next major step in the evolution of our 4G network technology that's expected to support the massive increases in mobile data demand and deliver much higher data speeds for all.

How will 4G+ benefit me?

Faster uploads, downloads, web browsing and better video viewing experiences…. 

  • Download a 100MB game, even faster

  • Post a photo to Facebook, instantly

  • Even better experience when streaming HD & 4K videos

  • Stream tunes seamlessly

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What should I do now?

Whilst we work hard to bring 4G+ to the Isle of Man, you might want to make sure you have a 4G+ ready handset as not all devices can take advantage of the new technology.

Why not come along to our Strand Street store and try it out for yourself?

4G+ is also available at the Grandstand.