What is a gigabyte?

Kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte? What does this actually mean? Well, it’s hard to put a figure on usage, unlike a traditional phone call, data isn’t measured by time, it is measured on how much content is used in that 'session’ that you’re doing. Downloading apps and movies for example will use much more data than reading a text-only email, see some real life examples below:

ActivityData use in Megabytes (MB) 
 Streaming low quality music (64 kbps / 1 hour)  28.8
 Streaming high quality music (192 kbps / 1 hour)  86.4
 Low quality video (1 hour)  200
 Upload / download a 5 megapixel photo (JPEG)  1.5
 Upload / download a 1080p video (1 hour)  2048 (2GB)
 Upload / download a 720p video (1 hour)  1024 (1GB)
 Download an average 400 page ebook  0.77
 Video call (1 hour)  75
 Typical email, text only  0.01
 Install Angry Birds on Android  19
 Install Need for Speed Shift on iPhone  179
 Download a 42 minute album from iTunes  85

Note: 1024MB equals 1GB
This is an indicative guide only and actual usage may differ.

How much will it cost?

Everything you send or receive over the internet uses data whether it's a web page, an e-mail, a music track or a video clip. Free data allowance and ongoing charge per Kilobyte will depend on which tariff you are on.

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