the Island's best overall network*

best network 2018 web pageIn September 2017, MT commissioned Equiendo, a leading international specialist in benchmarking mobile networks, to carry out an independent survey of ALL aspects of mobile network quality on the Isle of Man. Equiendo works with leading international operators including Vodafone, 3, Eir, Telefonica and Digicel and their benchmark scoring system therefore allows comparison to other operator benchmark tests.

The benchmarking was conducted across all main towns and roads of the Isle of Man and featured over 1000 mobile to mobile voice calls and over 3000 smartphone data tests. This is the largest benchmark test of its type conducted comparing all mobile services, functions and speeds. The test results published below are not restricted to one test type or speed type providing a clear picture of overall performance and capability. 

Manx Telecom scored higher than Sure in nearly every test category including:-

  • Voice call completion

  • Voice call set-up time

  • Web browsing speeds

  • Video playout

This meant Manx Telecom scored higher than Sure overall for:-

  • Overall voice performance on the Isle of man

  • Overall mobile broadband performance on the Isle of Man

Equiendo concluded:-

Manx Telecom is the overall best network for voice quality and mobile broadband performance in the Isle of Man both in towns and rural areas & is the overall winner for mobile network benchmarking Isle of Man 2017’


‘Manx Telecom can be considered a good mobile network when compared to global tier 1 operators benchmark scores & mostly very good in the urban areas.


*source: Equiendo independent drive test benchmarking report Q4 2017.