WiFi Support

Broadband via WiFi is becoming more and more popular. Traditionally an Internet Service provider (ISP) is not responsible for supporting any WiFi services, we will try and assist in general WiFi set up and support where possible. Manufacturer guidelines will always be the best solution when dealing with WiFi issues.

What is WiFi?

WiFi is a way of connecting your computing equipment to a network without the need for cables. WiFi does not necessarily mean just another way of connecting to the internet, it can also be used to connect all your home computing equipment together to allow file sharing/media streaming throughout your home or office.

Common devices that utilise WiFi:

  • Laptops/tablets
  • Ebooks
  • Mobile phones
  • WiFi Printers
  • Digital cameras
  • Modern Televisions
  • Games consoles

Typical WiFi problems

By far the most common question we are asked regarding WiFi is how to retrieve the WiFi password (Which can also be referred to as the security key). Your WiFi network should always be secured with a password. Manx Telecom do not keep a record of these passwords so it is important to keep this information safe. It is possible to retrieve a WiFi password by connecting a pc/laptop to the router and looking through the routers settings to find/change the details.

For Netgear routers, this can be done by viewing the following link: View or change a WiFi password for other router models, please see the manufacturers site or seek assistance from the router supplier.

WiFi networks are susceptible to interference from a number of other electrical devices such as baby monitors/microwaves etc. If your WiFi is disconnecting or the signal strength is low, you can alter the frequency of the WiFi signal on your router by logging into the admin page ( for Netgear routers) and selecting the WiFi settings. Typically, routers have a range of channels from 1-11. when changing WiFi channels, try adjusting to 3 or 4 channel hops rather than just one eg; moving from channel 11 to 7 or from channel 7 to 3.

WiFi signals have their limits and before purchasing a router, look at the product information to see if you are buying the correct router for your property. If your property is quite large or has stone walls, a stronger signal router would be advisable. Alternatively, there are a range of products designed to extend WiFi network within the home. These are known as WiFi extender kits or homeplugs.