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Barista Coffee House (Ramsey)
Costa (Ramsey)
Costa Mooragh Park Café
The Swan
The Royal George
The Raven
The Stanley

Café Delicious (Port Erin)
Costa (Castletown)
Port Erin Chippy
Ronaldsway Airport
The Sidings (Castletown)
Whistle Stop Café (Port Erin)
The Gluepot
Colby Glen Pub
The George
The Station
The Whitestone Inn
The Haven
The Union

14 North
A Café
Bath & Bottle
Costa (Strand Street)
Davisons (Villa Marina)
Fun Barn
The Hospice
Inglewood Hotel
Jaks Bar & Steakhouse
Kirby Park Garden Centre
Manx Telecom Shop
Nobles Hospital Café
Nobles Park Café
Port Jack Chippy
Rileys Garden Centre

The Ticket Hall
Quids Inn
Sea Terminal
The Caff
The Hooded Ram
The Terrace Chippy
Vehicle Test Centre
Archibald Knox
Bowling Green Hotel
Brendan O'Donnells
The Bridge
The British
The Cat With No Tail
The Crosby
The Heron
Horse & Plough
Manx Arms
Mines Tavern
The Prospect
The Queens
The Railway
The Rosemount
The Saddle Inn
Sam Webbs
Terminus Tavern
The Woodbourne Pub

Davison's Ice Cream
House of Manannan Café
Marine Hotel
The Kiosk (Peel Breakwater)
The Tynwald Hill Café
The Tynwald Inn
The Highwayman
The Mitre
The Central


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