Nuisance Calls

Our Customer Services team can help customers who are experiencing nuisance calls or texts offering support and advice, and working with the police where necessary.

Low Users

We offer a Low User tariff with a very low line rental for fixed line customers who make very few calls.  Mobile customers who want a phone just for emergency use can maintain a pay as you go mobile just by making one short phone call every six months to keep their number active.

Fewer and fewer people are using Payphones, but we continue to provide public payphones around the Island according to the principles and criteria agreed with the Isle of Man Communications Commission.

Emergency Text Messaging Service

The primary method for contacting the emergency services should always be by dialling 999 on a fixed line telephone (or mobile phone if no fixed line is available).  However, to assist deaf, hearing impaired, and speech-impaired people, an alternative special number is available specifically for contacting the emergency services using a text message (SMS).

If you need to use this facility, please text 166999.

There is always a potential for delay when sending text messages.  If you do not get a response within two minutes you should use an alternative method of contacting the emergency services.  ONLY USE TEXT MESSAGING AS A LAST RESORT

Important Note

The emergency text message will only be sent if you are within mobile coverage and you are a customer of one of the Island’s mobile operators.  The service will not work with any other mobile operator’s SIM cards, even when roaming on a Manx network.

The success of this service depends on the accuracy and detail of the information you provide.  It is extremely important that you understand the limitations of the service and follow the instructions contained within the leaflet below, especially in relation to giving your exact location.

Unfortunately, the receipt of your message CANNOT BE GUARANTEED and cannot be relied upon as an alternative to emergency calls via the fixed telephone network.

You can only be certain that your message has been received by the emergency services if you receive a text message acknowledging receipt.  If you do not receive an acknowledgement, seek alternative help immediately.  If this is not possible, try texting again.

Misuse of the Emergency Text Service could render you liable for prosecution under the Telecommunications Act 1984.

Further Information

The leaflet describing the service can be downloaded below.

If you have any queries about Emergency Texts, please email the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service, or visit their website.