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what we do

MT is the Island’s largest telecommunications infrastructure company. We maintain and build a network predominantly made up of local telephone exchanges, cabinets and copper and fibre cables. Approximately 50,000 lines are connected to homes and businesses throughout the Island.

We operate an access network working with different phone and broadband providers to give access to our network and develop innovative new products and services. Our team helps these providers connect their home and business customers to the family, friends, customers & suppliers.

You’ll see our field technicians out and about. They’re working on your behalf to make about over 160,000 visits to homes and businesses each year, maintaining and repairing existing phone and broadband lines – and installing new ones. Right now, we’re developing our fibre optic cable strategy to enable Ultra-Fast Broadband services to the majority of the islands residents and businesses and employing technology neutral solution to increase speeds and enrich the user experience in rural communities.

Fibre can deliver large amounts of data further and faster to support services like private circuits, broadband, HD & UHD media services compared with the copper cables traditionally used for telecommunications services. The future of telecommunications is exciting and we’re working hard to make it happen.

our customers

We operate an open network enabling different phone and broadband providers network access so they can offer innovative products and services to their residential and business customers.

working with providers

We offer a range of options so providers can access our network in the way that works best for them and their customers, over both our copper and fibre networks. Our products and services include fibre and copper access services utilising the skills of our service technicians.

We offer a suite of regulated services developed with full industry and government consultation to ensure we offer all providers the same service, using the same systems, on the same terms. Additionally our commercial products are designed to offer services beyond those of the regulated services and create opportunities to make the most of our network assets and reach.

products and services

Our customers are phone and broadband providers who use our products to deliver services to their residential and business customers over our copper and fibre networks.


For residential end users, we offer providers phone and broadband services over copper and fibre. We deliver the installation smarter so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

Online TV, UHD movies, gaming, shopping, smart home appliances, IoT - we are more connected than ever before and the internet's role in our lives will continue to rapidly evolve. As we do more online we need better broadband speed to ensure that every member of the household is getting a greater experience. Our island wide copper-based broadband service offers a real-time channel dedicated for phone at the same time as a second channel to deliver a best-effort broadband service.

Our super fast VDSL service delivers broadband at faster speeds than standard ADSL2+ and is targeted at those residential users with greater bandwidth needs for that fully immersive user experience and small businesses who have high data needs. We also offer some providers voice-only services over our network and their own branded broadband services over our lines. 


We offer providers businesses phone and broadband services over our copper and fibre. We deliver the installations smarter so providers can provide media and communications services seamlessly to their customers over our network.

For medium businesses or branch offices who use business-grade applications such as phone, and Virtual Private Networks, providers can offer broadband delivering up to 80Mbps of dedicated downstream and 20 Mbps upstream bandwidth.

For corporate customers, schools and medical centres, we offer a service which allows providers to meet their high performance demands. Our wide range of bandwidth options includes a new top access speed of 10Gbps of dedicated downstream and upstream bandwidth with transparent networks, ideal for supporting complex business-grade applications.

Corporate and larger users need high-speed, real-time applications or multiple services over a single access point. We offer products over copper and fibre that allow providers to extend their network reach or build their own business-grade private network product.


We offer communications providers wholesale services that enable them to connect with high value customers through our world class fibre and copper access network. We can also help facilitate off island connectivity over our CMPLS or dedicated clear channel products & services.