How to move your broadband when you move house.

When you’re moving house, you want to settle in as quickly as possible. With so many of our devices now connected to the internet, getting your broadband switched to your new home is an important step and one that is often left late.

The earlier you can notify us of your move, the sooner we can determine your requirements and book in any required engineering time. Depending on the services available in the new property will determine whether or not an engineering visit is required.

When you contact us, we will be able to help you determine what is available at the new property and how we can get you online as quickly as possible. All you will need to provide is proof of address. For a new property where you have no utility bills yet, this could be a Government correspondence regarding your new property or any lease or deeds paperwork to confirm your move to the new property. If uncertain contact our team and we’ll be able to help you determine acceptable proof of address.

Moving home is also a good time to upgrade to fibre if it is available at your new property. If it has already been installed to the property, it will be a straightforward upgrade. If fibre is available in the area but the property has previously had a copper ADSL or VDSL service only, an engineering visit will be required to deliver fibre to the home. Again, contacting us early will give a better chance of an engineering visit on, or close to, your move date.

If you are buying a new home from a developer, we may even be able to arrange access to the property ahead of your move date, ensuring broadband services are ready for your when you move in.

The key to getting broadband services active in your new home when you move is to contact us as early as possible with details of your new home and the dates. Our team will be happy to help you find the best service for the new area and book any required engineering slots to get you online in your new home.

If you’re planning a house move, or in the middle of a move, contact us on 624624 or complete the short form below to let us know.

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