Proposed withdrawal of public call box services

Each year Manx Telecom reviews the number of calls from all its public call boxes. A number now fall below the threshold of 40 chargeable calls per year required to keep a call box in service.

As a result, and in accordance with section 4.5.and 4.6 of the Public Call Box Service Guidelines 2016, Manx Telecom advises that a statutory 60-day period of notice to withdraw relevant public call box services starts from 19th April 2021.

Notices have been placed in relevant call boxes and the Communication Commission, and relevant local authorities have been advised.

Anyone can object to the proposed removal of the payphone service. Objections should be sent to and received by 17th June 2021.

If objections are received to a proposed removal within the 60-day period, the following options are available:


  • Sponsors agree to contribute £300per annum towards the costs of maintaining the Public Pay Telephone service.

  • Manx Telecom will remove the Public Pay Telephone mechanism and sell the call box in-situ, under terms and conditions reproduced in Appendix B of the 2016 Guidelines. Any agreed sale should be concluded within four months of the notice to withdraw.

Should neither of the above options be agreed, Manx Telecom will remove the Public Call Box service and equipment.


Removal of the payphone service and equipment does not necessarily mean the call box will be removed and individuals or organisations may be interested in Manx Telecom’s ‘Adopt a Public Call Box’ scheme where a local community takes over the phone box for another use.

Further information

For any queries, to object to the withdrawal of the payphone service, and to enquire about adopting or sponsoring a call box, please email .

List of public call boxes for decommission

  • Lord St Bus Station
  • Hutchinson Sq/Marathon Rd
  • Palace Hotel, Douglas Prom
  • O/S Spectrum appt's, Douglas Prom
  • Sea Terminal
  • Stephensons Way, Farmhill
  • Heron, Anagh Coar
  • Lord St / Queen Street
  • Stoney Road / Bottom Bray Hill
  • School Road, Onchan
  • Barrule Road, Willaston
  • Glencrutchery Road
  • Hillberry Road, Onchan
  • The Hope, St Johns
  • Glen Elfin Rd/May Hill, Ramsey
  • Memorial Gardens, Ramsey
  • Jurby Road, Ramsey
  • The Crofts, Castletown
  • Station Road, Colby
  • Bradda West Rd, Spaldrick
  • Queens Road, PSM.
  • Rushen School, Four Roads
  • Peveril Terrace, Peel
  • Peel Exchange, Albany Road
  • North View / Roxwell Terrace, Peel
  • The Lhargan, Glen Maye
  • The Strang
  • Union Mills P.O.
  • Ramsey Road / Minorca Hill, Laxey
  • Old Laxey
  • Andreas Exchange
  • Nr Kella, Sulby Village
  • Sulby Exchange
  • Mountain View, Ballaugh
  • Snaefell Road PO, Willaston