Star Services

Star Services add an extra dimension to your business telephone line. To start using Star Services please call our Sales Team on 624624.

What Star Services can do for you

The options available with Star Services are:

Call Return

You can automatically return the last call made to your phone.

Ring Back When Free

Alerts you when an engaged number becomes free.*

Call Waiting

People can get through to you when you’re already on the phone.

Caller Display

Allows you to see the phone number of the caller before you answer.

Short Code Calling

You can store a number against any code between 10 and 36.

Remote Activation of Call Diversion

Divert your calls remotely.

Reminder Call

You can use your phone as an alarm clock.

Call Diversion

People can speak to you on the phone even when you’re away from home

Three Way Calling

Allows you to talk to people on two different numbers.*

*Unavailable for Talk Over Fibre, as well as Three Way Calling (Voicemail also unavailable for Talk Over Fibre ordered after 1st June 2022). 

How much do Star Services cost for traditional Copper telephone lines?

Depending on your tariff Star Services maybe included as part of your line rental. On other tariffs you may have to pay an extra charge for service enhancements such as Voicemail and Caller Display.

Tariff Star Services
Monthly Rental
(exc Call Barring)
Monthly Rental
Caller Display
Monthly Rental
Anytime Tariff Plan FREE FREE FREE
Evenings & Weekends Tariff Plan FREE FREE FREE
Weekends Tariff Plan FREE £1.29 £1.29
Basic Tariff Plan £1.29 £1.29 £1.29


Some Star Services have an additional activation or per occasion charge. See below for more details.

Star Service Charge per activation Monthly Rental
Reminder Call 20p None
Remote Activation of Call Diversion £20.00 £4.27
Call Barring None £1.29

All charges are exclusive of VAT.