High quality Internet access delivered over a private circuit

If your business demands a high-speed, global IP network service offering high quality Internet access over a private circuit, then Multiple Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Internet from Manx Telecom could be the perfect solution. Provided as an Ethernet service it comes with an enhanced service care level as standard and is ideal for businesses with variable volumes of Internet traffic.

Designed as a modular solution, MPLS at its heart is a high-capacity, fully-managed global backbone, supporting traffic prioritisation by 'classes of service’ and covered by stringent availability SLAs and 24x7 fault resolution.

What MPLS delivers

MPLS can provide an economical virtual private network (VPN) connecting all your sites via our secure dedicated network infrastructure. It can be a key component in your journey towards an integrated communications and IT infrastructure and is also ideal for wide area network (WAN) implementation.

MPLS Internet from Manx Telecom offers:

  • Fixed IP Addressing
  • 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps on-Island access circuit speeds with Internet bandwidth speeds ranging from 2Mbps upwards
  • Internet bandwidth bursting, allowing the customer to exceed their agreed bandwidth
  • Managed router and wires-only options
  • Core fibre backbone in 80 countries
  • Customer circuit monitoring portal
  • 24x7x365 helpdesk with industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Lower latency than available on any broadband product

How to sign up for Dedicated Internet Access/MPLS Internet

Our Corporate Sales Team are available to help you select the right plan for your business requirements. They will happily answer any questions you have and find you the speed you need to run your business effectively. Speak to the team today for more information on any of our business broadband packages.

Who is MPLS for?

The flexibility of MPLS in addition to its security, global reach and outstanding SLAs make our MPLS the network of choice for many top tier enterprises and global companies including those in the financial sector and government agencies. MPLS is suited to

companies looking for an economical private managed data network linking multiple sites on and off-island and companies who use multiple applications such as email, file transfer, VoIP, hosting, etc.

Flexibility as you scale your business

You can easily scale up your IP-VPN as your requirements change, only paying for the bandwidth and performance levels you need. You can choose site resilience options, end-to-end management, and additional functions such as VoIP implementations.

MPLS Technical Details

Our high capacity Cisco-powered Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) off-Island network is fully resilient and diversely routed over protected links, via a 10Gbps backbone which connects the Isle of Man directly to the core of London’s global communications Points of Presence (PoPs), just 12 milliseconds away, and onwards around the world. The ring which supports the MPLS network is also available directly to customers; enabling them to access the benefits of clear channel point-to-point services. The ring has Points of Presence in the Isle of Man, Manchester and London. Manx Telecom offers protected Ethernet services over this ring, which offers maximum flexibility and resilience.

Service as standard

All our products come with the promise of a unique Manx-based service package. Our belief in the value of Service Level Agreements is total, and our commitment to them absolute. Each Service Level Agreement is tailored to meet each client’s most demanding needs. In addition, we require and implement equally rigorous Service Level Agreements with our suppliers.

Managed Services

Our considerable experience of managing large networks - especially the Isle of Man Government’s ConnectMann network – which is one of the largest of its kind in the world – plus our 24 Hour Service Operations Centre, enables us to offer managed network services to corporate customers both on-Island, and around the Globe.

All of our business connectivity services can be provided as managed, from broadband through to Dedicated Internet Access (MPLS).