Hotelier Paul Cain was relaxing on holiday when an audiobook gave him the idea of establishing a venue where online gamers could play together and enjoy each other’s company whilst navigating some of the most popular games on-screen. The concept of Games Central was born: a dedicated gaming room that would appeal to all age ranges and provide an opportunity for up to 18 gamers to play simultaneously in one place.

The challenge

The success of Games Central would depend on the ability of the hotel to support reliable, fast streaming across multiple devices with no loss of quality or delay.

“We knew from the start that the quality and reliability of the streaming would be critical,” said Paul.

“Players want to be able to enjoy their games without any interruption or lag in service.”

“We knew we had the space for 18 games consoles but it was essential that they could run the latest games and support 18 live Twitch accounts. We were also looking for an affordable solution that would suit us as a small to medium-sized business and wouldn’t require a huge capital outlay.”

Another factor to consider was that we didn’t want the gaming room to have any negative impact on the existing internet service for the hotel and our staying guests.

Paul Cain
Games Central

The solution

When Paul got in touch with the Manx Telecom corporate team, it was clear that fibre broadband was going to be part of the answer to ensure the speed and reliability that Games Central would require. While the Ellan Vannin already had fibre broadband for the hotel and its guests, we recommended two LightningFast fibre broadband circuits to power the gaming room.

This would ensure uninterrupted service and the bandwidth to cope with the streaming of multiple high-powered fast-action games. We were also able to help Paul with the games hardware, providing nine Xbox and nine PlayStation consoles from our shop, just a short hop away from the hotel.

These fibre circuits would also be ringfenced from the hotel’s own fibre broadband connection, ensuring there was no additional demand on the regular internet connectivity for the hotel staff and guests.

The Lightning Fast fibre broadband networks are performing excellently. We have had no drop-offs and everyone can play together at the same time without any problems, even if they are all playing a very fast high action game like Call of Duty.

Paul Cain
Games Central

The outcome

Games Central has now become a magnet for gamers on the Island who enjoy the opportunity to play their favourite games in a very social manner. It is a great choice for birthday parties for younger players (with special party menus available) and is also becoming a venue for friendly gaming tournaments among older gamers.

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