Opened in 2018, Cycle 360 is a unique blend of three complementary businesses in one - a café, bike shop and fitness centre, all housed under the same roof. Located in a purpose-built building at the Isle of Man Business Park, Cycle 360 offers a holistic approach to health and nourishment, as well as a comfortable environment for its customers to relax with free WiFi and live-streamed entertainment.

The challenge

With a business built on promoting fitness for the future, a telecoms system that would allow Cycle 360 to embrace the best of new technology was high on CEO Mark Horsthuis’s initial shopping list. 

“Reliability, resilience and cost-effectiveness were important factors – and we were keen to make good use of the cloud for all our data, so consistently good superfast broadband was a must have,” he explained. 

“With the heavy demand we were anticipating in the café and bike shop, seamless uninterrupted service would be vital to support both our customers and ensure our sales processes ran smoothly. We also needed something that would provide two simultaneous networks – one for the public and one for corporate use.” 

We knew we needed something that would support the different aspects of the business in a cohesive way and that also gave full flexibility for future developments.

Mark Horsthuis
CEO, Cycle 360

The solution

Wisely, Cycle 360 began its search for a telecoms solution early on, before even a brick was laid for the new building! This allowed our team to talk through the requirements for each area of the business in great detail and help plan the optimum system to support the business based on our fibre broadband service. Not only does fibre deliver the best WiFi experience available on the Island - for both Cycle 360 and its visiting customers – it also allows transactions to be made easier and faster via a cloud-based payment solution. On top of this, an extra layer of broadband resilience was provided by a VDSL (Very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line) service. 

With both mobile and fixed line phone services required, the final part of the solution was the installation of Intelligent Voice, our IIP-based virtual switchboard which delivers a wide range of telephony services that can be expanded easily as businesses grow. Easily adaptable, Intelligent Voice allows Cycle 360 to manage all the different parts of its business without the need to invest in expensive hardware as well as offering significant savings on call costs. 

Working with Manx Telecom has been great, they were totally on-board from the very beginning and were really attentive to what we needed.

Mark Horsthuis
CEO, Cycle 360

The outcome

Thanks to the input from Manx Telecom, Mark Horsthuis now believes Cycle 360 is one of the most technologically advanced businesses in the Island’s fitness and retail sectors. 

“The results have been everything we hoped for – we haven’t had a single drop in our broadband service – and we have had a lot of compliments from our customers about the speed and quality.” 

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