Copper Broadband Plans

Business Essential

£69.63 per month

Avg Speed 11 Mbps
Max Speed 16 Mbps

Business Lite SuperFast

£61.71* per month

Avg Speed 75 Mbps
Max Speed 200 Mbps

Business Lite UltraFast

£45.28* per month

Avg speed 47 Mbps
Max Speed 100 Mbps

Business Lite Fast

£42.66* per month

Avg speed 27 Mbps
Max Speed 40 Mbps

Business Lite Essential

£43.52* per month

Avg Speed 11 Mbps
Max Speed 16 Mbps

* A Manx Telecom fixed line is required for all copper delivered broadband services starting from £20.52 per month. A fixed line is not required for fibre broadband.

Pricing excludes optional unmanaged router. All Business broadband products are provided with a single fixed IP address as standard. 

* Prices exclude vat @ 20%.

Average speeds over the last quarter and correct as of 1st May 2024.

Activating business broadband

A Manx Telecom line is required for all copper Broadband services.

Copper Broadband Services

All copper Broadband services are installed by a Manx Telecom engineer. Simply order your service and we will post you a pre-configured router. A Manx Telecom engineer will visit at a pre-arranged time to connect the service.

Service As Standard

All our products come with the promise of a unique Manx-based service package. Our belief in the value of Service Level Agreements is total, and our commitment to them absolute. Each Service Level Agreement is tailored to meet each client’s most demanding needs. In addition, we require and implement equally rigorous Service Level Agreements with our suppliers.

Our business broadband plans come with Service Care Level 4 which can be upgraded to Service Care Level 2. Level 2 provides a priority fault resolution service.

Service Care Level 2

Service Care Level 4

  • Faults cleared by 5pm on the next working day following report
  • Operates between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday including IOM Public Holidays
  • Chargeable out of hours engineering attendance available upon request
  • Faults cleared by midnight 5 working days after the day reported
  • Operates between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday excluding IOM Public Holidays
  • Out of hours engineering attendance not available

Managed Services

Our considerable experience of managing large networks - especially the Isle of Man Government’s ConnectMann network – which is one of the largest of its kind in the world – plus our 24 Hour Service Operations Centre, enables us to offer managed network services to corporate customers both on-Island, and around the Globe.

All of our business connectivity services can be provided as managed, from Broadband through to Dedicated Internet Access (MPLS).