We have developed a range of products which will assist you should the unthinkable happen. Whether your building is seriously damaged or you are denied access due to an unforeseen emergency like a gas leak we can help, the products range from:

  • A fully functional Business Continuity Centre available for your staff to migrate to;
  • If you already have an alternative location to work from you may only require your telephone numbers diverting;
  • You may need Staff and Customers to phone in and listen to a recorded message giving further information.

Whatever your requirements we are here to help.

Telecommunications Disaster Recovery

At Manx Telecom we understand the role that reliable telecommunications plays in your business. Businesses increasingly have to put in place comprehensive service continuity plans to ensure that key activities and resources can continue to operate in the event of an emergency. 

You may have a solution in place for your staff members to work at another location but what about your telephones?

Manx Telecom's Disaster Recovery solution allows you to transfer as few or as many telephone numbers as required to keep your business operating even in the event of an emergency.

Peace of Mind

With a bespoke plan created in conjunction with Manx Telecom you know you have the perfect solution for your Business continuity.


Plans can only be activated or deactivated by nominated persons authorised by you with a specified password. You will be given a unique line direct to our Service Centre.


Plans can be activated or deactivated by your nominated personnel at any time 24x7x365.

Cost Effectiveness

With prices based on scale the solution is cost effective for everyone, from small businesses to large multi-site organisations.

Ease of Use

Your authorised personnel have the means to activate or deactivate your bespoke plan at any time 24x7x365.


If your requirements change it is simple to change the plan to meet these requirements. From a small change such as the password or authorised persons to changing the list of numbers you would need diverting.


You can test your Disaster Recovery solution on an annual basis, if required, to be sure your staff are fully trained.

Telecom DR Pricing

Manx Telecom will work with you to arrange a Disaster Recovery plan to suit your individual business needs.

Disaster Recovery pricing is as follows.

  Less than 50 Diverts 50 or More Diverts
Connection Charge £200.00 £500.00
Monthly Rental - 1 Year Term £100.00 £100.00
Monthly Rental - 3 Year Term £75.00 £75.00

Changes to Disaster Recovery Plans

Changes can be made to existing Disaster Recovery plans quickly and easily. Simply contact Manx Telecom 624624 or to discuss your requirements.

If your requirement is only a clerical change to the plan, such as a change of authorisation password or personnel authorised to activate/deactivate your plan then this will be free of charge.

If you need to change any of the diverts that are activated with your plan then this requires engineering work to recreate your plan. This will incur costs.

  Disaster Recovery Change Prices
Minor Changes (Clerical changes to plan data) Free
Major Changes (Changes involving engineering recreation of plan data) £200.00


Costs exclude VAT.
Lines which are to be diverted must be subscribed to a Choice tariff which permits diverts or is subscribing to Star Services.
Diverts are not available on Low User Choice lines.