A virtual workspace through the cloud

Our Desktop as a Service platform enables subscribers to provide scalable virtual workspaces managed from a single intuitive dashboard. Available through a simple monthly subscription service, you can rapidly deliver desktops and applications to users on any device, anywhere.

A risk-free evolution of the next-generation workspace providing customisable desktops and applications as an easily managed, integrated cloud service.

Key Capabilities

100% subscription model

No hardware or associated support
and operational costs

High performance

Tailor to the most demanding workloads

Superior user experience

Freedom to work anywhere on any device

Microsoft 365

Secure access to all the Office applications

Predictable pricing

No unforeseen operating costs

The Island’s only VMware certified Desktop as a Service platform.

Create a holistic end user workspace

Integrate other services such as active directories and files, collaborative software and a virtual switchboard for a cost-effective customised solution for your business.

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