Private circuits are permanently connected communication links dedicated for a customer’s exclusive use. They offer instant and constant access between customer locations and provide an inherently reliable connection. Circuits are available to the UK and worldwide as well. The types of private circuit available are data-only; voice-only; and ones that combine data, voice and image e.g. video.

Why use a Private Circuit?

It would be advisable if you were in touch with the same locations regularly, or for long periods (usually at least 5 to 6 hours per day). Substantial cost savings could be made if a Private Circuit was used instead of routing traffic over the PSTN (Public Network). This is because charges are leased for a fixed tariff, regardless of how much they are used.

Benefits of a Private Circuit

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • High speed data transmission
  • Video conferencing
  • Core voice and data networks
  • SLAs
  • LAN to LAN interconnection

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